Press Article feb16

Real Homes Magazine press article

‘We redesigned our extension to create the perfect space’

After being unhappy with their previous addition, Suzy and Elliot Helmanis-Johnson reconfigured the design to gain a more sociable, open-plan kitchen.

When we bought our two-bedroom bungalow a decade ago, we couldn’t wait to extend out into the garden and convert the loft to create two bedrooms,’ says Suzy. ‘In retrospect, though, I wish we’d taken more time to plan it, as we ended up with a kitchen that had no view of the garden and felt dark.

After living with the layout for eight years, Suzy asked a team of tradespeople that work for her family’s interiors firm, Helmanis & Howell, to knock down the walls dividing the kitchen and two reception rooms. This allowed the whole space to be opened up and filled with natural light through two sets of existing French doors at the rear.

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