Our fully fitted kitchen service takes you from inspiration to installation. Incorporating the best tech and style options, we plan the smoothest flow and ways to maximise storage. Fully insured and house trained we handle the plumbing, gas, electrical, tiling and fitting works and dispose of your old kitchen. So you just need to open the door and get cooking.

Heart of the Home

We spend a lot of our days in our kitchens, so they need to be inviting, comfortable and cosy. Consider zoning your areas with lighting, adding extra drawers, under seating for toys or table wear and creating focal points that elevate practical to perfect.

We can work with you to create a space that feels special, but is also intuitive to use.

The Personal Touch

We know all the latest trends, from broken plan kitchens to freestanding furniture. We also believe your design should feel totally unique. That’s why as well as a broad range of finishes and styles, we can paint your designs to a selection of on trend shades.

Stylish yet practical

Employing ergonomic design that creates a place for everything makes it easier to put everything in its place. Pull out pantries, cupboard lighting and drawer inserts means that unused items languishing at back of cupboards are a thing of the past.

New ways of looking

Mix materials, finishes and forms to make your kitchen an exciting part of your home design. We can show you the latest ways to make the kitchen your home’s crowning jewel.

At Helmanis and Howell we have 40 years experience.
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